How to move a buffet?

Find our advice and tips for moving and transporting your buffet during your move. The sideboard is heavy and very bulky very difficult to move.

A sideboard is a heavy piece of furniture. Usually, it contains dishes and glassware. It can also be used to store heavy items due to its general robustness. When you want to move a heavy piece of furniture, several questions arise.

Should we take it apart?

How to transport it without hurting yourself?

How professional movers will be a good choice?

Is it strong enough to be taken apart and reassembled?

But you don’t need to worry about all these questions that are striking your mind. We will provide you with enough tips that will make it easy to move such heavy material. Please contact us before tackling this such heavy piece of furniture. You will find our professional and their professionalism up to the mark.

How to move a buffet yourself?

If you are not in the position to take benefits from our professionals, then we recommend you to please check out the following tips that will help you in moving your buffet yourself:

Condition of the furniture:

Assess the condition of your furniture to determine whether it can be dismantled or not.

how to Disassemble the sideboard?

If you can disassemble it, remember to mark it so that it can easily be reassembled and keep the fixings in a plastic bag. Group the pieces
together in bubble wrap, professional covers, or within a cardboard box.
Keep the sideboard assembled: If you can’t take it apart, squat down in front of the cabinet with your feet around it, keep your back straight and lift it up by leaning slightly forward.

Are you being able to dismantle a piece of furniture yourself?

This is one of the big questions that strike your mind every now and then when decide to dismantle your furniture. So, find our tips that will provide you with the solution and will keep you out of this mantle stress. Because When you try to move your piece of furniture on your own it is advisable to disassemble a piece of furniture when it is too large to fit through doors or to be transported up and downstairs when it is too heavy and you risk injury when moving or loading it into the truck.

In addition, disassembling your furniture will help you out in it is advisable to disassemble your furniture in order to save space in the truck and to ensure that everything fits there as planned. You can group the parts together using the covers or ties provided for this purpose, without damaging your parts.

Try a Mover to move your buffet

If your buffet is part of your move, the mover will take care to protect it during transport. Moving with a professional has the advantage of being covered by insurance in the event of damage.

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