Move a sofa


How to move a sofa?

Are you carrying out a partial move of your furniture? Alone or with a professional mover, follow our guide to moving your sofa.

Carry your sofa easily

The Moving Official advises you on the removal of each piece of furniture in the house. Regarding the sofa, because it needs special care so we recommend two different methods that are available to you depending on the ease of moving your sofa to the moving truck:

If the sofa can be carried through your accesses

In this case, it is a sofa that you can put through a door, window, or bay. Here’s the procedure to follow :

  • Remember to unhinge the doors to facilitate passageRemove the cushions and seats as well as all removable parts.
  • Remove the feet if necessary because it will allow you to move it through narrow spaces in the house.
  • Wrap the sofa with blankets and scotch tape to make it more protective

If the sofa doesn't go through your doors

Do you have another access such as a window or a bay window? If you only have the door to get your sofa through, you’re going to need to take it apart.

  • For high-value sofas, you can ask a carpenter or upholsterer to take it apart and put it back together.
  • For sofas in kit form, you can use the disassembly manual to properly disassemble it.
  • For corner or panoramic sofas, you will surely just have to remove the meridian part.
  • For convertible sofas, it is easy to separate the mattress from the structure.

Moving your sofa with a mover

If your sofa is part of your move, the mover will take care to protect it during transport. Moving with a professional mover has the advantage of being covered by insurance in the event of damage (if your chest of drawers is damaged despite the precautions taken: scratches, impacts, etc.). Here is an example of a correctly protected sofa.

Additionally, if your sofa does not fit through doors, you will need to fit it through a bay window or a passage wider than your door. It could then be interesting to have professional equipment such as straps or a furniture lift if you live upstairs.

What if you took the opportunity to change the sofa?

When we move, we sometimes want to change. Want to test a futon, fall for a club chair, or buy a fabric corner sofa for the growing family … Now or never! And take the opportunity to have your property delivered to your new address!

You can also ask your mover to make a stop by a furniture repository if you want to part with certain goods but have not yet been able to resell them. Do not hesitate to request it!

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