Move bed and mattress


How to move a bed and its mattress?

It is really hard to handle if you will not manage it properly.

Moving Bed and mattress

If you are going to move your Bed and its Mattress Alone or with a professional mover, follow our guide to moving your bed, mattress, and box spring.

Transporting your bed safe and sound

Your bed is made of box spring and a mattress. You must pack the two items separately to ensure hygiene and protection. Find our advice for preparing your move for each piece of furniture via this link. You can protect your mattress by following our instructions. There are two ways to protect and they are Plastic Cover and Covers.

Risks when transporting a mattress

Rolling up or folding mattress risks damaging the fibers and the springs: irreversibly for the springs. For foam or latex mattresses, it seems that the foam can “move” within the mattress, you can opt for this method for its transport. However, it is tempting to tie the side handles of the mattress together in order to keep it folding, there is still a risk of these handles being torn off given the weight and strength of the mattress.

Move your mattress and box spring

Folding your furniture is not a good idea at all and we will not recommend that. You can transport it vertically in the truck if it is well wedged between the other furniture. Here’s the procedure to follow:

Protection: to ensure the hygiene and good condition of your mattress, wrap it in a blanket, and scotches everything. At the box spring, if it is made of wooden slats, remove each slat and wrap them in bubble wrap or in a blanket. If you have a box spring, pack the set with a blanket and scotch. This will provide your mattress an
extra layer of protection.

How to load mattress

Load your mattress vertically and secure it with other items. It can also be used to reduce the impact of your most fragile furniture.

Moving your bed with a mover

If your bed and box spring are part of your move, the mover will take care to protect them during transport. Moving with a pro has the advantage of being covered by insurance in the event of damage.

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