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How to move a pool table? billiard table

Are you moving your home wholly or partially? Alone or with a professional mover, follow the guide to moving a pool table!

Moving a pool table alone

Moving a pool table cannot be improvised. Fragile, heavy and bulky, specific safety measures must be taken to shift your billiard table. There is so much risk involved in moving your Billiard table. So, if you want to move your billiard table safely and securely thrusting specialized movers for the transport of your billiard table remains the most secure because these moving experts are familiar with specific porting and transport techniques for billiard tables.

The billiard table is fragile equipment, which must be transported with great care so as not to damage it during the various stages of disassembly, transport and reassembly

Transporting your whole or disassembled pool table?

The Moving Official recommends taking your pool table apart if you can. This equipment being heavy and imposing it will be much easier to transport it disassembled. Disassembling your pool table, become more comfortable in loading into a truck and it also takes less space.

How to protect your pool table when you move?

Protect in priority the most fragile areas which could be damaged during transport. So, it would help if you took the following safety measures to move your pool table safely.

Please pay special attention to the mat of your billiard table. For this reason, you can use unique protective covers as it is the most critical and sensitive part of the billiard table. Also, consider moving blankets that you can pair with bubble wrap. However, avoid contact of the bubble wrap with the wood of your billiard table, the condensation during transport could leave black marks on your wood. So only protect your carpet with bubble wrap.

Protect your entire pool table with a unique moving blanket

Transport your table in a moving van

Once your pool table is protected, position a blanket against the floor of the moving truck to lay your table perfectly flat. Carry your billiards with complete peace of mind with the Moving Official.

The moving official, like any mover, knows the peculiarities of a billiard move carried out under optimal conditions guaranteeing the protection of your equipment during transport.

Where to install my billiard table following my move?

When the transport of your billiard table has been completed, you must now find its ideal place in your new home! You probably already have an idea in mind! Otherwise, you can reserve a room for it: the attic, for example, a veranda, a basement. Your billiard table can also be perfectly suited to a living room. If your living room is small, a convertible billiard table that transforms into a dining table is ideal!

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